Taffie is a very sweet and energetic 1-year-old hound mix that was recently rescued by All About Animals in Macon, GA. Sadly, Taffie's previous family did not take care of her, and surrendered her to an animal shelter with a severe leg injury that they had not sought treatment for.  On the day she was set to be euthanized, All About Animals rescued her and took her to the vet, where it was clear she had not had medical treatment in a long time.  Because her injury had not healed properly, the vet's had to amputate her leg. 


Although Taffie had a sad start in life, she has truly blossomed in her foster home.  She doesn't let her past life slow her down!  She plays and rolls around all over the place, and she is overcoming her fear and nervousness.  Her foster mother has said that Taffie is "another reason why I choose to foster."  She is loved by her foster family, and will do great when she finds her forever home!

Thanks to your support, Taffie is able to receive the ongoing medical care she needs.  She thanks you!