Sammie arrived at the New York City   Animal Care & Control in an extremely malnourished state after being found on the street with two other dogs.  Sadly, her previous home had not taken care of her, and she had a bent paw that may have been the result of an injury that was left untreated.  It was also apparent that she had given birth before.

Despite it all, Sammie was in good spirits, and she was lucky enough to be rescued by Pibbles & More Animal Rescue.  Her foster mother put her on a high-calorie diet, and she has begun to thrive in her foster home.  She loves to be pet, and she will sneak in a kiss every time she gets the chance.

In addition to her new diet, she also will be spayed and treated for kennel cough.  She is already doing better than ever, and she loves to run outside.  Even her foot has been healing on its own!

Sammie thanks you for your help.  Your sponsorship has been helping pay for her care, allowing her to recover and live the life she was meant to live!