Mic is a special boy, who has charged fearlessly through a difficult life.  He is a loveable boy who enjoys being outside, playing with people, and curling up at your feet.

Sadly, Mic has had a hard life.  After being given up by his family, Mic  ended up at All About Animals, a no-kill shelter in Macon, GA, which everyone thought would be a short stop until he found his furever home.  However, Mic was injured when an intruder broke into the shelter, and he had to stay a little longer to recuperate.  Then, it was discovered that he had cancer, and needed surgery to remove a tumor.

Mic has been staying at the shelter with loving caregivers who are attending to his every need.  Thanks to your support, Mic is able to continue care and was able to be put on a special diet that will keep his energy up while he goes through this ordeal.  While he is being treated, he is looking for a suitable foster home, and hopefully a furever home that will love him for who he is!

You can learn more about this rescue at www.allaboutanimalsmacon.org