Grayson is a very sweet and completely blind senior Australian Shepherd mix who was found wandering on a street in Louisiana.  He was covered with flea bites and had already lost hair on his back from scratching and licking, and he was brought to a local animal shelter.

Grayson was saved by the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, which is dedicated to helping visually-impaired dogs.  He went to a foster home in Virginia, and then straight to a veterinarian.  Sadly, several of Grayson's teeth were worn down, possibly from chewing on metal (such as a chain).  He had four teeth removed during his dental, and a small mass which has been sent out for biopsy.  He's also on antibiotics for coughing, and an xray showed nothing structurally wrong with his heart, lungs, or trachea.  Good news! 
Grayson loves people, and he loves to have his belly rubbed!  His hair is growing in nicely, and he's a good boy for his eye drops, which he requires twice a day.  He is also completely housebroken.  This sweet fellow will be up for adoption shortly.
Thank you for your support, and thank you to the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance for helping Grayson!  You can learn more at