Garbo is a very sweet two-year-old Yorkie who's had a tough life.  She was found in Dixie County, Florida, abandoned by her family.  She had sarcoptic mange, hair loss, and an upper respiratory infection.  She was also extremely malnourished, and had almost no muscle tone from her poor diet.

Despite these challenges, Garbo's future is looking brighter!  She was rescued by the Dixie County Humane Society, who immediately began caring for her and treating her ailments.  Her infection and mange are gone and, as you can see from the pictures, her hair has been growing quite nicely!  Thanks to your support, she has also been put on a nutritious, healthy diet to help her gain strength and muscle mass.

Garbo loves her foster home, and has done very well playing with the other dogs in her home.  She will be available for adoption beginning May 31, and we think she will make the perfect addition to a loving home!