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Dot Pibbles & More Animal Rescue

Dot wound up at the municipal animal shelter in Brooklyn, New York, where she was promptly rescued by Pibbles & More Animal Rescue.  The rescue sent her to a vet right away, and found out that Dot is very sick.  They are still waiting on test results to see the proper course of action, but Dot may be diabetic and is currently receiving IV fluids and insulin to help regulate her body.  She was also very dehydrated, has mammary gland tumors, her nails were over grown, her coat is dull and she has the look of defeat. 

Dot has clearly had a rough life, but Pibbles & More is not giving up on her, and either is Bartley's.  With your purchase, Bartley's made a donation to help continue Dot's medical care.  With your help, Dot is on the road to recovery, and we hope that one day she will be rehabilitated and end up in the home she deserves!