Arabella was found in a Florida ditch on New Year’s Eve.  Her condition was so bad the intake volunteer at the shelter where she was taken wept and was even afraid to lift her.  Upon admission to the vet, she was found to be a ZERO on the body mass scale, with heart worms, diabetes, teeth exposed to the roots, and nails curled all the way under. Not to mention, she is deaf and blind.  And 15 years old. Fortunately, she was taken into a loving foster home, and she is slowly responding.  Each day brings small accomplishments with her progress and while we are nowhere near out of the woods with her yet, her will to live is great.  She is being showered with love, warmth, and small meals every two hours.  Once she is weaned off the IV, she will be able to go to her foster home, where her healing will continue. 

With your help, Arabella is receiving the love and care she needs.  Thank you!