Bartley's is here to make a difference

Every year, an estimated 3-4 million companion animals are killed in animal shelters.  With the help of rescue groups and progressive shelters, that can change.

Four years ago, a litter of puppies was left at a high-kill shelter along with their mother.  The overcrowded municipal shelter didn't have the time, space, manpower, or money to care for these pups, and it was only a matter of time before they would end up on the euthanasia list.

Thankfully, a rescue group stepped in and saved these dogs, and I adopted one of them: Bartley.  Without exaggeration I can say that Bartley changed my life, and opened my eyes to the wonderful life of having a dog.

Sadly, adopting Bartley opened my eyes to another truth: that what happened to his litter is not unique, and every year millions of companion animals are killed at shelters.  Dogs of every age, breed, and ability level are "put to sleep" each and every day, and it is only through the tireless work of rescue groups and volunteers that many are saved. 

Bartley's was formed to help support the rescue groups that are doing the endless work of saving dogs' lives.  Proceeds from every single purchase from the Bartley's store go directly towards rescue groups.  And each purchase is tied to a specific rescue group and a specific dog.  When you purchase a product, you also sponsor a dog in need, and are sent a unique code that allows you to see pictures and stories of the dog you helped save.  Little by little, we can make a difference.

-Danny and the Bartley's team