Crinkit Water Bottle Toy

$ 15.50

Crinkits are great toys for dogs who love to crunch and play with water bottles!  Crinkit is the perfect alternative because it allows dogs to get the crunch and crackle they love, without exposing them to plastic that can cut their mouths or break into small pieces.  Simply insert a standard, 16.9 ounce water bottle (or 8 oz water bottle for the small version) into the Crinkit, and let your dog play!  When the bottle is sufficiently crushed, you can take out the water bottle and put in a new one.

The Crinkit is made in the USA out of BPA-free plastic, and it is durable, bounces, floats, and is easy to clean.  It's also recylcable! The large measures 9.5 inches long and is good for medium or large dogs; The small fits an 8 oz water bottle and measures 5.5 inches, for small dogs.

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