Gift Guide: For New Pup Parents November 29 2015, 0 Comments

Getting a new dog is a lot of work! We’ve made it a little easier by rounding up a list of essentials all new pup parents would love to receive! If you or someone on your shopping list has recently adopted a dog, we hope this helps…

Zuke’s Mini Naturals $4.50 - $10.95 // These natural, healthy dog treats are made right here in the USA. And dogs love them! The small size of each treat makes them perfect for training. Comes in 5 flavors.

Earth Rated Waste Bag

Earth Rated Waste Bags $7.50 // New dog owners can never have enough waste bags. These bags are biodegradable and are packaged using recycled materials, unlike most bags. They are also extra-long and lavender scented! Box contains 120 bags.

Earth Rated Waste Bag Dispenser

Earth Rated Waste Bag Dispenser $4.50 // This handy dispenser clips on to leashes, so you’ll never find yourself without a waste bag. A clip on the back holds dirty bags until you find a trash can – no more having to hold a full bag! Fits all standard bag rolls.


Kong Classic Dog Toy $6.95 - $18.95 // One of the best selling dog toys of all time, the Kong Classic is a dog favorite! Put dog treats or peanut butter in the hollow center to keep your dog mentally stimulated or occupied. Comes in 5 sizes.


Corgi Squeakie Toy

Squeakie Corgi $11.95 // This adorable squeakie toy will be your new dogs best friend! It’s filled with ten large squeakies and one blast squeaker, so it is sure to keep your dog entertained. There’s also a Pug and Beagle version!


West Paw Zisc Frisbee

 West Paw Frisbee $13.45 // Dogs love Frisbees! This pliable version is easy for dogs to play with and pick up. It’s gentler than a hard-shell Frisbees and faster than fabric Frisbees. Comes in three colors.