Thank you to Daisy's Rescue December 05 2014, 1 Comment

Bartley's is featured on the Daisy's Rescue blog, which you can check out here: Bartley's for Dogs, Not Your Average Pet Supply Store.  Thank you to Daisy's for giving us the chance to share our story!

You can check out Daisy's at  and

You can read more about Daisy's below, courtesy of the Daisy's Rescue founder Charlie: 

My fiancé was walking in a mall and stopped at a pet store and saw a Dachshund (she had one when she was a little girl), so she asked me and it was expensive ($750+). We didn't have the money and the dog was sold. We didn't realize there were rescue's for every type of dog, I knew about greyhounds and the larger dogs. 
So, Denise, went on line and she found a breeder in Georgia. We bought Tucker for $350, he was flown up to us. 
After we got Tucker, Denise kept watching the breeders web site and kept seeing all these litters from a small amount of dogs, too many litters. 
We wanted to get Tucker a playmate. Denise started looking again and found out about rescues! We adopted Daisy, she was a puppy mill survivor. She was 4 years old and dumped into a shelter to be killed! The rescue lady didn't think that Daisy could be saved, she was so abused emotionally. When Daisy was brought to our attention, it was determined that Daisy was not the right dog for us, but we were the right family for her, so we adopted her. 

It took months, for her to start to learn to be a dog! Daisy, got us into rescue. We saw how many humans worked together to rescue, rehabilitate and transport Daisy to us and we decided to get into rescue! Once we learned about puppy mills, I was set on a mission! 
It took me 3 years, but I shut down the backyard breeder / mini puppy mill that we got Tucker from!  We started transporting dogs for the rescue! We advanced to fostering dogs for the rescue and eventually joined the rescue, so we could pull dogs into the rescue ourselves! 
I networked with rescuers and advocates and started protesting local puppy stores! I got involved in animal cruelty investigations and started working with people whom had bought sick dogs from the stores and started filing complaints against the store and the mills where the puppies were coming from! 
I was able to shut the store down for 30 days (it should have been permanent, but the local dept. Of health was clueless). The dog wardens of Howard county Ohio credit me with shutting down a 508 dog puppy mill that was known to be horrible. 
When I perform home visits for rescues, I always try to educate the people on nutrition, training and dog care. Many of those people would tell me I needed to start a web site to teach people what I know (I don't think I know all that much, but I am happy to share all my knowledge with anyone who will listen), so I finally started a web site to inform people. That web site is Daisy's Rescue! The name is two fold, Daisy rescued us and changed our lives and got us to commit to dog rescue, so we are "Daisy's Rescue. The second is that we are hoping to one day start a rescue for disabled and Senior dogs (I work as a paramedic and I take on very sick and injured dogs using my medical knowledge), and I wanted to get that name out and recognized, so when we are ready, the name is already out there.