Planet Dog Strawberry and West Paw Spring Chicken April 18 2014, 2 Comments

Bartley's has asked some of our fans to review the products in our shop.  We'll be posting these reviews periodically.  Here is the first in our series!  Remember, every time you shop at Bartley's, you sponsor a rescue dog in need!

Today's review is written by Zoe and Athena's mom, Rebekah!  Thank you Rebekah!

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Strawberry

Athena is half Italian Greyhound, half Boston Terrier, so it can be a challenge to provide her with sufficient mental and physical stimulation to satisfy her.  That is where the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Strawberry comes in handy.  It's made of very thick, non-toxic, flexible material...the product page says it's recyclable, but I don't see a recycle symbol with a number in the middle, so I don't know how easy that would be.  The strawberry is a hair magnet, but rinses clean.  The nice thing about this toy is that it's hollow inside, so it can hold several treats and act as a puzzle toy.  I plugged the opening with Dog for Dog peanut butter, but I wouldn't recommend putting more than just a dab at the opening.  Athena spent the better part of an evening absorbed by the strawberry, and it was fun watching her work at it.


The Orbee-Tuff line includes several toys for different-sized dogs.  You can check out the Planet Dog Strawberry here:

West Paw Spring Chicken

My dog Zoe isn't nicknamed "Zozer the Destructor" for nothing.  She's got the soul of a wolf cram-packed into 10 pounds of dog, and every time she barks or growls and some stupid human croons at her and gives her a hug (okay, yes, that human is usually me), the insult only serves to fuel her rage against something stuffed as soon as caninely possible.  It is for that reason that we no longer give her toys made of rope or with any kind of fur.  When we received the shaggy, crazy-eyed West Paw Spring Chicken toy, which has two squeakers and is made in the USA, we knew it spelled trouble.  We let Zoe try it out, but after 15 seconds of frenzied plucking and 5 minutes of pulling black fuzz out of her mouth, her relationship with Mr. Chicken was over forever.

If your dog is more civilized than Zozer the Zozerian, the West Paw Spring Chicken is the perfect size for a small or medium-sized dog and soft enough to make a good cuddle buddy.  If Zoe is to be believed, he is also a very provocative playmate.   She will always treasure the memory of when their crazy eyes met across our living room.






You can check out the West Paw Spring Chicken at