Review of West Paw Baby Salsa and Zuke's Jerky Naturals April 14 2014, 11 Comments

Bartley's has asked some of our fans to review the products in our shop.  We'll be posting these reviews periodically.  Here is the first in our series!  Remember, every time you shop at Bartley's, you sponsor a rescue dog in need!

Today's review is written by Bo and Aspen's mom, Jane!  Thank you Jane!

West Paw Baby Salsa

West Paw Baby Salsa

How cute is this guy!?  It's such a riot to see the dogs running around with this fuzzy yellow guy!  Our dogs (13 year old black Lab Aspen and 7 year old Mini Aussie Bo) are "baby" dogs, so nothing is ever destroyed in our home - the Baby Salsa has been befriended by Bo and carried around the entire yard so far! He has been running around squeaking him all night! West Paw Baby Salsa

We love this toy, as it's durable and made in the US!  We love the West Paws Designs objective on the tag: "Pets add quality to life."  Plus, they are made in Montana!  This toy is quickly their favorite and will be loved for a long time!

Baby Salsa isn't that small, but light weight - Big enough for our lab to carry and small enough so our mini Aussie isn't having to lug a giant toy around.  His arms are big compared to his body, think Sasquatch body size!  This toy is great for all dogs big and small, as it's light weight no issues carrying and no issues with choking/swallowing for bigger dogs.  It's a FUN size, easily toted and so funny to watch!

You can get your own Baby Salsa (or it's bigger cousin, Salsa) here:


Zuke's Jerky Naturals

Zuke's Jerky NaturalsYUM!  These things smell SO good!  We love Zukes, so do the dogs; it's a great company and great products.  Our older dog, Aspen, isn't a big chewer so these treats allow us to give her something yummy and good for her, and have her enjoy it!  These are little soft squared treats, which for smaller dogs can be broken in half (for our mini Aussie) and given whole, for the lab.  They are made in the USA, which is important to our family.  They smell quite good, so as soon as I opened the bag, the dogs came a-runnin'!  I would suggest Zuke's Jerky Naturals for all dogs, even those with a grain allergy as these are grain free!!  But big or small, these treats are quick to their favorite!! 

Zuke's Jerky Naturals can be found here: