Spotlight On: Earth Rated Waste Bags March 15 2014, 8 Comments

Today, we're going to focus on nobody's favorite topic: cleaning up your dog's poop!  Whether you like it or not, it's just one of the realities of having a dog, unless you want to have some angry neighbors!

Knowing that clean-up is something every pet parent has to deal with, we went looking for a high-quality waste bag to offer in the Bartley's store, and we're glad we found Earth Rated!

Earth Rated Bags have everything you look for in a poop bag - they are tough, durable, and totally leak-proof.  But it's the extra things that make them so great.  They are biodegradable, use recycled paper in the packaging, and they have a subtle lavender scent!

These bags fit on most standard bag dispensers, but Earth Rated also makes its own green dispenser, which easily clips onto a leash.  It also has a hook on the back where you can stick a used bag until you find a trash can.  The less time you have to hold a bag of poo in your hand the better!

You can check out the Earth Rated products we sell here: Earth Rated Waste Bags

And remember, every time you make a purchase from Bartley's you also sponsor a rescue dog in need!