A Real Firehouse Dog September 23 2013, 2 Comments

Auggie, the Yellow Labrador in the photo on the left, was caught in a house fire back in June.  The firefighters found him locked in the basement of the burning house, completely unconscious.  They pulled him out of the house and used a specially-designed dog air mask to resuscitate him.  Fire Chief John McGuire said "When we brought him out of the fire and were giving him oxygen and trying to get him to breathe, well, I just felt sorry for him."  Auggie then spent several months in a vet's office recovering, and the Swansea Fire Chief John McGuire made regular visits to check on him. 
Auggie's family ended up relinquishing their rights to the dog.  The article doesn't say much about the original family, but considering they had him locked in the basement of a burning building, I'd say it's for the best that they gave him up.  And luckily for Auggie, John wanted to adopt him!  Auggie is now living with John, who says that "He's just a great dog, I'll tell ya."

Another reason to love our firefighters!