Make Two Dogs Happy Today September 19 2013, 2 Comments

At Bartley's, our motto is Make Two Dogs Happy Today. 

We are committed to providing high-quality goods that your dog will love and that will make him or her happy.  And we are committed to the idea that every purchase will make another dog happy - because proceeds from every purchase go towards helping rescue dogs in need.

A few months ago, we noticed ourselves falling into a nightly routine: we come home from work, have dinner, play with the pup, go online as our pup sat on our laps and licked our faces, and scroll through the seemingly endless pictures of shelter and rescue dogs that populate our Facebook pages.  There are dogs that need saving from the death row list, dogs that need medical care, dogs that need foster homes, and dogs that just need a family to love them.  Of course we want to help them all, and we try to do our part by sharing the pictures, spreading the word, and making donations from time to time.  And by tomorrow night, there will be many more dogs that need saving.

This routine has left us with two feelings: 

First, we are inspired.  Inspired by the amazing work that rescue groups and shelters do every day to save as many dogs as possible.  Inspired by the countless hours and thousands of dollars that volunteers will give to do everything possible to help the animals that touch their lives.  We adopted our rescue dog, Bartley, three years ago, and since then have volunteered with several rescue groups by fostering, spending weekends at adoption events, and, our personal favorite, convincing our friends to adopt.  This has shown us up close how incredible that rescue community really is.

Second, we are determined.  Determined to find a way to help the rescue groups and the dogs they are saving.  What could we do to make it a little easier for the rescues?  The wheels in our head started turning.  What if we came up with some sort of funding source, that groups could tap into when they needed to pay for medical treatment for their dogs?  And what if it also provided a platform for groups to showcase their dogs?

Every purchase of a Bartley's product sends proceeds directly towards a rescue group, in order to help them care for one of their dogs.  Purchases are connected to specific dogs, so that when a customer makes a purchase, they are helping a specific dog in need.  When you receive your items, you can enter the code on the back of the tag onto our website, and you'll get to see photos, stories, and a description of the dog you helped. 

As we continue on this adventure, we know Bartley's will grow and change, and we are committed to providing great products that will make our customers happy.  We are equally committed to helping rescue dogs in need everywhere.  We hope you'll join us on our journey!

-The Bartley's Team