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Gift Guide: For New Pup Parents November 29 2015, 0 Comments

Getting a new dog is a lot of work! We’ve made it a little easier by rounding up a list of essentials all new pup parents would love to receive! If you or someone on your shopping list has recently adopted a dog, we hope this helps…

Zuke’s Mini Naturals $4.50 - $10.95 // These natural, healthy dog treats are made right here in the USA. And dogs love them! The small size of each treat makes them perfect for training. Comes in 5 flavors.

Earth Rated Waste Bag

Earth Rated Waste Bags $7.50 // New dog owners can never have enough waste bags. These bags are biodegradable and are packaged using recycled materials, unlike most bags. They are also extra-long and lavender scented! Box contains 120 bags.

Earth Rated Waste Bag Dispenser

Earth Rated Waste Bag Dispenser $4.50 // This handy dispenser clips on to leashes, so you’ll never find yourself without a waste bag. A clip on the back holds dirty bags until you find a trash can – no more having to hold a full bag! Fits all standard bag rolls.


Kong Classic Dog Toy $6.95 - $18.95 // One of the best selling dog toys of all time, the Kong Classic is a dog favorite! Put dog treats or peanut butter in the hollow center to keep your dog mentally stimulated or occupied. Comes in 5 sizes.


Corgi Squeakie Toy

Squeakie Corgi $11.95 // This adorable squeakie toy will be your new dogs best friend! It’s filled with ten large squeakies and one blast squeaker, so it is sure to keep your dog entertained. There’s also a Pug and Beagle version!


West Paw Zisc Frisbee

 West Paw Frisbee $13.45 // Dogs love Frisbees! This pliable version is easy for dogs to play with and pick up. It’s gentler than a hard-shell Frisbees and faster than fabric Frisbees. Comes in three colors.




Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog October 25 2015, 0 Comments

Halloween is coming up, and what better excuse is there to dress up your dog in a cute costume?  If you're looking for ideas, here are some great DIY costumes you can make, including a couple we've made for Bartley!

1. Runner

Dog Runner Costume

Cut up an old t-shirt to make a running tank and shorts for your dog.  Add a tin foil medal an a running bib for the K9 9K!

2. Dinosaur

Martha Stewart Dinosaur Dog Costume


Martha Stewart to the rescue with this no sew costume made from a children’s t-shirt and felt.  Check it out: Martha Stewart Dog Costume

3. Super Pup

Super Pup Dog Costume

Cut up an old Superman shirt to make the famous cape! You can also print and attach the shield to some red fabric.


4. Beanie Baby

Beanie Baby Dog Costume

Make the famous TY tag out of poster board and attach to collar. Bonus points for writing their name and a little poem in the tag! (via Fuzzy Today

Extra Tip

Not every dog likes wearing a costume. Our trick? Lots of pumpkin flavored Wet Noses Organic dog treats! Happy Halloween!




Summer is Here! June 21 2015, 2 Comments

It’s officially summer! That means lounging in our backyard, long walks outside and trips to the beach. Bartley can’t wait (and either can we)! Here are our summer favorites in the shop now:


Your dog needs to cool down, and what better way than with his own water bottle?  We always bring one along when we head to a day at the beach!

West Paw Zisc Frisbee
Frisbees are great for outdoor play in the backyard, at the dog park or on the beach. We like how the West Paw frisbees are gentler than hard-shell frisbees, but faster than the fabric ones. Good toy to tire your dog out!

Hydro Ring Water Chew Toy
Works two ways: it absorbs water then slowly releases it as your dog chews on it, or you can fill it with water, throw it in the freezer and use it as a cold chew toy. We freeze it to keep Bartley cool outside.

Jax and Bones Rope Lobster
Nautical rope toy that Bartley likes to chew, tug and fetch. It’s also good for his teeth- the hand-tied frays act like doggie dental floss.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals
Bartley loves treats. These small bites are one of his favorites. We like the small size and good, natural ingredients. They come in a bunch of different flavors, Peanut Butter is Bartley’s personal favorite.

Earth Rated Waste Bags
I don’t think Bartley cares too much about this one, but we certainly do. These good for the environment poop bags get the job done, and smell like lavender (bonus for us). We put them in this waste bag dispenser and attach it to Bartley’s leash. No more getting caught without a poop bag.

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Whistle Ball
Great ball for fetch. It glows in the dark and whistles when thrown. Always gets Bartley’s attention.

Tuffy Burtle the Turtle
Bartley can destroy most toys in minutes. He likes to chew and whip them around until it’s a useless pile of fluff (he also loves to do this with his bed too). The Tuffy turtle is different. The webbing sewing technique makes it nearly indestructible, but it’s still really soft. This toy doesn’t have a squeaker, so when we need some peace and quiet, this is a go-to.


Thank you to Daisy's Rescue December 05 2014, 1 Comment

Bartley's is featured on the Daisy's Rescue blog, which you can check out here: Bartley's for Dogs, Not Your Average Pet Supply Store.  Thank you to Daisy's for giving us the chance to share our story!

You can check out Daisy's at  and

You can read more about Daisy's below, courtesy of the Daisy's Rescue founder Charlie: 

My fiancé was walking in a mall and stopped at a pet store and saw a Dachshund (she had one when she was a little girl), so she asked me and it was expensive ($750+). We didn't have the money and the dog was sold. We didn't realize there were rescue's for every type of dog, I knew about greyhounds and the larger dogs. 
So, Denise, went on line and she found a breeder in Georgia. We bought Tucker for $350, he was flown up to us. 
After we got Tucker, Denise kept watching the breeders web site and kept seeing all these litters from a small amount of dogs, too many litters. 
We wanted to get Tucker a playmate. Denise started looking again and found out about rescues! We adopted Daisy, she was a puppy mill survivor. She was 4 years old and dumped into a shelter to be killed! The rescue lady didn't think that Daisy could be saved, she was so abused emotionally. When Daisy was brought to our attention, it was determined that Daisy was not the right dog for us, but we were the right family for her, so we adopted her. 

It took months, for her to start to learn to be a dog! Daisy, got us into rescue. We saw how many humans worked together to rescue, rehabilitate and transport Daisy to us and we decided to get into rescue! Once we learned about puppy mills, I was set on a mission! 
It took me 3 years, but I shut down the backyard breeder / mini puppy mill that we got Tucker from!  We started transporting dogs for the rescue! We advanced to fostering dogs for the rescue and eventually joined the rescue, so we could pull dogs into the rescue ourselves! 
I networked with rescuers and advocates and started protesting local puppy stores! I got involved in animal cruelty investigations and started working with people whom had bought sick dogs from the stores and started filing complaints against the store and the mills where the puppies were coming from! 
I was able to shut the store down for 30 days (it should have been permanent, but the local dept. Of health was clueless). The dog wardens of Howard county Ohio credit me with shutting down a 508 dog puppy mill that was known to be horrible. 
When I perform home visits for rescues, I always try to educate the people on nutrition, training and dog care. Many of those people would tell me I needed to start a web site to teach people what I know (I don't think I know all that much, but I am happy to share all my knowledge with anyone who will listen), so I finally started a web site to inform people. That web site is Daisy's Rescue! The name is two fold, Daisy rescued us and changed our lives and got us to commit to dog rescue, so we are "Daisy's Rescue. The second is that we are hoping to one day start a rescue for disabled and Senior dogs (I work as a paramedic and I take on very sick and injured dogs using my medical knowledge), and I wanted to get that name out and recognized, so when we are ready, the name is already out there. 

Check out Bartley's in Modern Dog Magazine December 05 2014, 0 Comments

For those of you who read Modern Dog Magazine, you may have noticed a little picture and blurb about Bartley's in the summer issue under Feel Good Finds.  We've posted the picture below, and you can find a longer article on Modern Dog's website using the following link:


Planet Dog Artichoke and Zuke's Mini Naturals April 30 2014, 0 Comments

Bartley's has asked some of our fans to review the products in our shop.  We'll be posting these reviews periodically.  Here is the first in our series!  Remember, every time you shop at Bartley's, you sponsor a rescue dog in need!

Today's review is written by Tyson's mom, Susan!  Thank you Susan!

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Artichoke

Tyson loves food puzzles and bouncing toys so the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Artichoke is like a dream come true for him! When we fill it with kibble or tiny treats, he gets right to work on getting the food out – and unlike his other food puzzles, the Artichoke shape encourages him to roll it around the house, which is a different “skill” for him and adorable to watch. He also likes to bounce it on the floor and get the kibble to come flying out! And when the food is all gone, Tyson continues to play with the Artichoke like a bouncy ball.

Tyson is usually pretty tough on his toys, but the Artichoke is holding up perfectly – the soft, squishy material seems to flex well and it’s great that it cleans up so easily. The bright, green color is fun too as it is not a color you see that often in dog toys.

As the weather warms up, we look forward to trying it for fetch and bringing it to our local pond as a water/floating toy.

You can check out the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Artichoke at

Zuke's Mini Naturals

Tyson says, “What do you want me to do next? I’ll do anything you ask for one of those yummy treats!”

Since receiving the salmon-flavored Zuke’s Mini Naturals, Tyson has been more-than-eager to work on some new tricks. Previously we tried to teach him “Shake”, but he seemed to have trouble with that one. But with these new treats, he learned that trick in no time and has started to work on “Sit Pretty” too!

These treats are small and low-calorie, so they are great for training exercises. We can train for a good amount of time without filling Tyson up or losing his interest. We also appreciate the quality ingredients and the fact that they are made in the USA.

Without a doubt, these treats are a big hit at our house!

You can check out Zuke's Mini Naturals at

Planet Dog Strawberry and West Paw Spring Chicken April 18 2014, 2 Comments

Bartley's has asked some of our fans to review the products in our shop.  We'll be posting these reviews periodically.  Here is the first in our series!  Remember, every time you shop at Bartley's, you sponsor a rescue dog in need!

Today's review is written by Zoe and Athena's mom, Rebekah!  Thank you Rebekah!

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Strawberry

Athena is half Italian Greyhound, half Boston Terrier, so it can be a challenge to provide her with sufficient mental and physical stimulation to satisfy her.  That is where the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Strawberry comes in handy.  It's made of very thick, non-toxic, flexible material...the product page says it's recyclable, but I don't see a recycle symbol with a number in the middle, so I don't know how easy that would be.  The strawberry is a hair magnet, but rinses clean.  The nice thing about this toy is that it's hollow inside, so it can hold several treats and act as a puzzle toy.  I plugged the opening with Dog for Dog peanut butter, but I wouldn't recommend putting more than just a dab at the opening.  Athena spent the better part of an evening absorbed by the strawberry, and it was fun watching her work at it.


The Orbee-Tuff line includes several toys for different-sized dogs.  You can check out the Planet Dog Strawberry here:

West Paw Spring Chicken

My dog Zoe isn't nicknamed "Zozer the Destructor" for nothing.  She's got the soul of a wolf cram-packed into 10 pounds of dog, and every time she barks or growls and some stupid human croons at her and gives her a hug (okay, yes, that human is usually me), the insult only serves to fuel her rage against something stuffed as soon as caninely possible.  It is for that reason that we no longer give her toys made of rope or with any kind of fur.  When we received the shaggy, crazy-eyed West Paw Spring Chicken toy, which has two squeakers and is made in the USA, we knew it spelled trouble.  We let Zoe try it out, but after 15 seconds of frenzied plucking and 5 minutes of pulling black fuzz out of her mouth, her relationship with Mr. Chicken was over forever.

If your dog is more civilized than Zozer the Zozerian, the West Paw Spring Chicken is the perfect size for a small or medium-sized dog and soft enough to make a good cuddle buddy.  If Zoe is to be believed, he is also a very provocative playmate.   She will always treasure the memory of when their crazy eyes met across our living room.






You can check out the West Paw Spring Chicken at

Review of West Paw Baby Salsa and Zuke's Jerky Naturals April 14 2014, 11 Comments

Bartley's has asked some of our fans to review the products in our shop.  We'll be posting these reviews periodically.  Here is the first in our series!  Remember, every time you shop at Bartley's, you sponsor a rescue dog in need!

Today's review is written by Bo and Aspen's mom, Jane!  Thank you Jane!

West Paw Baby Salsa

West Paw Baby Salsa

How cute is this guy!?  It's such a riot to see the dogs running around with this fuzzy yellow guy!  Our dogs (13 year old black Lab Aspen and 7 year old Mini Aussie Bo) are "baby" dogs, so nothing is ever destroyed in our home - the Baby Salsa has been befriended by Bo and carried around the entire yard so far! He has been running around squeaking him all night! West Paw Baby Salsa

We love this toy, as it's durable and made in the US!  We love the West Paws Designs objective on the tag: "Pets add quality to life."  Plus, they are made in Montana!  This toy is quickly their favorite and will be loved for a long time!

Baby Salsa isn't that small, but light weight - Big enough for our lab to carry and small enough so our mini Aussie isn't having to lug a giant toy around.  His arms are big compared to his body, think Sasquatch body size!  This toy is great for all dogs big and small, as it's light weight no issues carrying and no issues with choking/swallowing for bigger dogs.  It's a FUN size, easily toted and so funny to watch!

You can get your own Baby Salsa (or it's bigger cousin, Salsa) here:


Zuke's Jerky Naturals

Zuke's Jerky NaturalsYUM!  These things smell SO good!  We love Zukes, so do the dogs; it's a great company and great products.  Our older dog, Aspen, isn't a big chewer so these treats allow us to give her something yummy and good for her, and have her enjoy it!  These are little soft squared treats, which for smaller dogs can be broken in half (for our mini Aussie) and given whole, for the lab.  They are made in the USA, which is important to our family.  They smell quite good, so as soon as I opened the bag, the dogs came a-runnin'!  I would suggest Zuke's Jerky Naturals for all dogs, even those with a grain allergy as these are grain free!!  But big or small, these treats are quick to their favorite!! 

Zuke's Jerky Naturals can be found here:




Bartley's Review + Giveaway March 18 2014, 0 Comments

The World According to Garth Riley, a fantastic dog blog written by the loveable yellow lab Garth Riley, has written a very thorough review of Bartley's and some of the products we sell.  If you've every been curious about West Paw, Simply Fido, or some of the other brands we sell, check out the review!

Best of all, we're teaming up with the blog to giveaway a box stuffed full of toys and treats!  You can enter until the end of March to win.  Head over to Garth's blog for your chance!

Spotlight On: Earth Rated Waste Bags March 15 2014, 8 Comments

Today, we're going to focus on nobody's favorite topic: cleaning up your dog's poop!  Whether you like it or not, it's just one of the realities of having a dog, unless you want to have some angry neighbors!

Knowing that clean-up is something every pet parent has to deal with, we went looking for a high-quality waste bag to offer in the Bartley's store, and we're glad we found Earth Rated!

Earth Rated Bags have everything you look for in a poop bag - they are tough, durable, and totally leak-proof.  But it's the extra things that make them so great.  They are biodegradable, use recycled paper in the packaging, and they have a subtle lavender scent!

These bags fit on most standard bag dispensers, but Earth Rated also makes its own green dispenser, which easily clips onto a leash.  It also has a hook on the back where you can stick a used bag until you find a trash can.  The less time you have to hold a bag of poo in your hand the better!

You can check out the Earth Rated products we sell here: Earth Rated Waste Bags

And remember, every time you make a purchase from Bartley's you also sponsor a rescue dog in need!

The More You Know - Dogs of History February 04 2014, 1 Comment

Dogs have been man's (and woman's!) best friend for thousands of years, and I think they will be for thousands more!  Here are a few that have made their mark (although I think you'll agree, all dogs make their marks many times a day...)
Smokey was a 4-pound Yorkshire Terrier who was found in the jungles on New Guinea.  She was taken in by an American soldier named Bill Wynne, and stayed with him for two years during World War II.  In addition to being a loving pet, she entertained troops and even saved Bill's life one time by alerting him to incoming fire.

After the war she went home with Bill to Cleveland, where she became a local hero.  They even erected a statue of her!  You can find out more at her official website: Yorkie Doodle Dandy.

Sgt. Stubby
Stubby was a Pit Bull mix who snuck his way onto the battlefield during World War I in France.  He was quickly adopted by an American division, and he used his keen ears and nose to alert the unit to incoming attacks, giving them time to put on their gas masks.

He had such a great nose that once he sniffed out a German spy, which earned him the promotion to sergeant.  He's the only dog to ever get that honor during combat!

Fala Roosevelt
Fala was President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Scottish terrier, and he was so loved by the President that he traveled with him frequently.  In fact, he was so loved that he is the only presidential pet to be featured in a presidential memorial, as his statue is in the Roosevelt Memorial in Washington.

During the 1944 campaign, there were objections that Fala was costing the taxpayer's money.  President Roosevelt was so upset by this falsehood that he gave his famous "Fala speech" in which he said "I am accustomed to hearing malicious falsehoods about myself.  But I think I have a right to resent, to object, to libelous statements about my dog!"

Argos is a very important dog in Greek mythology, and is pictured here with Odysseus and Penelope.  Argos was Odysseus's puppy, and he was strong and fast.  As the story goes, Odysseus left home for twenty, and returned home to find a very old Argo neglected and sleeping on a pile of cow manure. 

Odysseus re-entered his home disguised as beggar, and no one - not even his wife or best friend - recognized him.  Only Argo recognized him.  When Argo saw Odysseus, he wagged his tail, gave one final whimper, and died.

Lady was one of three dogs, out of twelve, to survive the sinking of the Titanic.  As the boat was sinking her owner, Margaret Hays, wrapped the puppy in a blanket and got on the life boat.  Everyone assumed Margaret was a carrying a baby, so she was able to slip the dog onto the lifeboat unchallenged.

There is also a sad story about another passenger who was traveling with her Great Dane.  The dog was too big for the life boats, and so her owner refused to leave her behind, and instead stayed on the sinking ship with her dog.

Hachiko loved his human parent more than anything, and would greet him at a train station in Tokyo as the man was coming home from work.  When the man died one day at work in 1925, Hachiko continued to show up a the train station every day.  He continued to show up at the train station at the same time every day for the rest of his life, even escaping from his new family.

Hachiko's loyalty was so inspiring that there is now a statue of him at the train station, as well as bronze paw prints in the exact spot he waited every day.

Picture Barry
Barry was a Swiss mountain dog who lived in the early 1800s, and was a predecessor of the modern St. Bernard.  Barry worked for the monks at the Great St. Bernard Hospice (hence the breed name) and was trained to rescue people who got lost in the Alps.  During his career he rescued about 40 people, included a small child who got lost in the snow.  He licked the child's face to keep him warm, and barked to get the monks attention.  When they couldn't reach the child because of the snow, Barry carried him on his back to safety.

The Hospice has always maintained one St. Bernard named Barry in his honor.  In fact, Barry is so loved by the Swiss that his body was preserved and is still on display at the Natural History Museum in Switzerland!

New Website February 03 2014, 2 Comments

We are excited to announce that we've completely re-designed the website!  The biggest change is that we have added a lot of new products, which we think you'll love.  When thinking about new products to sell, we focused on quality, value, and originality.  We especially wanted to find products that were made in the US.  As you'll see, all of our treats are made in the USA, and many of our toys are.  We even made a special "Made in the USA" category so they would be easy to find.  And best of all, with every purchase you sponsor a rescue dog in need.  That means, every time you buy something we send you a code, which you can type in to our website to see pictures of the dog you helped!

Let us know if you have any product ideas you'd like to see us add!

A Real Firehouse Dog September 23 2013, 2 Comments

Auggie, the Yellow Labrador in the photo on the left, was caught in a house fire back in June.  The firefighters found him locked in the basement of the burning house, completely unconscious.  They pulled him out of the house and used a specially-designed dog air mask to resuscitate him.  Fire Chief John McGuire said "When we brought him out of the fire and were giving him oxygen and trying to get him to breathe, well, I just felt sorry for him."  Auggie then spent several months in a vet's office recovering, and the Swansea Fire Chief John McGuire made regular visits to check on him. 
Auggie's family ended up relinquishing their rights to the dog.  The article doesn't say much about the original family, but considering they had him locked in the basement of a burning building, I'd say it's for the best that they gave him up.  And luckily for Auggie, John wanted to adopt him!  Auggie is now living with John, who says that "He's just a great dog, I'll tell ya."

Another reason to love our firefighters!

Make Two Dogs Happy Today September 19 2013, 2 Comments

At Bartley's, our motto is Make Two Dogs Happy Today. 

We are committed to providing high-quality goods that your dog will love and that will make him or her happy.  And we are committed to the idea that every purchase will make another dog happy - because proceeds from every purchase go towards helping rescue dogs in need.

A few months ago, we noticed ourselves falling into a nightly routine: we come home from work, have dinner, play with the pup, go online as our pup sat on our laps and licked our faces, and scroll through the seemingly endless pictures of shelter and rescue dogs that populate our Facebook pages.  There are dogs that need saving from the death row list, dogs that need medical care, dogs that need foster homes, and dogs that just need a family to love them.  Of course we want to help them all, and we try to do our part by sharing the pictures, spreading the word, and making donations from time to time.  And by tomorrow night, there will be many more dogs that need saving.

This routine has left us with two feelings: 

First, we are inspired.  Inspired by the amazing work that rescue groups and shelters do every day to save as many dogs as possible.  Inspired by the countless hours and thousands of dollars that volunteers will give to do everything possible to help the animals that touch their lives.  We adopted our rescue dog, Bartley, three years ago, and since then have volunteered with several rescue groups by fostering, spending weekends at adoption events, and, our personal favorite, convincing our friends to adopt.  This has shown us up close how incredible that rescue community really is.

Second, we are determined.  Determined to find a way to help the rescue groups and the dogs they are saving.  What could we do to make it a little easier for the rescues?  The wheels in our head started turning.  What if we came up with some sort of funding source, that groups could tap into when they needed to pay for medical treatment for their dogs?  And what if it also provided a platform for groups to showcase their dogs?

Every purchase of a Bartley's product sends proceeds directly towards a rescue group, in order to help them care for one of their dogs.  Purchases are connected to specific dogs, so that when a customer makes a purchase, they are helping a specific dog in need.  When you receive your items, you can enter the code on the back of the tag onto our website, and you'll get to see photos, stories, and a description of the dog you helped. 

As we continue on this adventure, we know Bartley's will grow and change, and we are committed to providing great products that will make our customers happy.  We are equally committed to helping rescue dogs in need everywhere.  We hope you'll join us on our journey!

-The Bartley's Team